You're on route to CAR2GO

You're on route to CAR2GO


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In order for us to send you the smart card please enter an address consisting of street, house number and city only

Young driver, please read our costs appendix carefuly to know more about insurance costs for young drivers

This code will be used when you arrive at the car and will let us know that you are the one using the car.

Your password must be made up of both letters and numbers.

My driving license

Please upload photos of your driving license from both sides

You can shoot via mobile or upload files with extension
gif, png, jpg up to 5 MB

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Under section 4b on your license is the expiration date. Make sure that you aren’t accidentally writing the date the license was issued.

Choosing a Plan

The price includes everything- gas, insurance and a saved parking spot, you just need to drive!

Important - you can change your plan for no extra cost

Membership Fee for Two Months 50 ₪ 60 Day Free Trial!
Price per Minute
(one way)
1.03 ₪1.2 ₪
Price per Hour/ Day (back and forth)

The car marked as a Red Wave car is a car that is designated to be driven back and forth from that specific cars’ designated parking spot. Payment is factored by hour or day. The prices shown are the prices for our basic cars during the week.

16 ₪ / 144 ₪18 ₪ / 160 ₪
-Price per KM (for the first 50 KM’s) 1.7 ₪2 ₪
- Price per KM
(after the first 50 KM’s)
0.85 ₪1 ₪

Using our cars in Jerusalem or Rishon Lezion? You are entitled to a limited time benefit - 15 NIS per hour / 135 NIS per day

*Discount applies only to basic cars

Credit card info

*You cannot sign up with a Debit nor Direct card


The CAR2GO smart card will be delivered to you by mail within 10 business days. Need a car now? With your approval in our system, you will be able to place orders and drive through the website or the APP. Please contact our service center for assistance *8255

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Card number: ∗∗∗∗ ∗∗∗∗ ∗∗∗∗ ∗∗∗∗

Card expiration: 00/0000

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Monthly fee:

Signup benefit: 60 day free!

When you join our service we check your line of credit by holding 2,000 NIS which is released after a month (depending on the credit card company).

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Your agreement is based on uploading a picture of the company seal.

Your agreement is based on either giving your signature digitally on the screen or uploading a picture of your written signature.

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Please notice – your CAR2GO membership is NOT ACTIVE YET, and only once you recieve to confirmation mail for your membership - you'll be able to proceed and enter your personal area and reserve a car.

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